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June 02, 2016

Spring Into Action!

Over the past 25 years, IHA has opened doors for thousands of young professionals, low-income families, and fixed-income seniors in need of decent affordable housing in safe neighborhoods.

Providing affordable housing requires the attention and efforts of an entire community. IHA is dependent upon gifts and donations from individuals in our community.

We ask you to consider a gift to the annual fund by June 30 – and join us in celebrating a quarter century of caring for others. We ask that you consider whatever level of giving you can provide. Sustained donations allow IHA to maximize the impact we are able to have on this serious community problem.

What kind of effect can you have? Here is an example: Lisa found herself in danger of becoming homeless after her husband died. Without that second income, Lisa, a grocery store clerk, could no longer afford an $1850 rent and was desperate to find an affordable place for herself and her daughters. Luckily, Lisa met a real estate agent who knew about IHA’s Purchase-Repair Homeownership Program. Lisa was able to purchase a townhome with a mortgage payment that was two-thirds less than her rent and provides housing stability for her family.

Unfortunately, the need for affordable housing has increased rapidly over the past few years as the baby boomer generation enters the fixed-income world of retirement and young millennials graduate from college with massive student loans and no opportunities. Seniors are also financially stressed by growing costs of living, inadequate savings, and too little income.
We look to loyal annual fund donors and new contributors to provide financial support so we can continue to improve lives through housing that is affordable.

IHA is financially resourceful and creative; we are able to take every dollar that is donated and produce five dollars-worth of affordable housing. Over the next two years, IHA will develop 182 new units of affordable housing thus creating more doors of opportunity for those in need.

There is no “U” in IHA – but there needs to be one. We cannot meet our goals without you and we are asking for your support.

Your donation will build stronger communities where deserving families and individuals like Lisa and her daughters can afford to live, work and thrive.

Please consider mailing a donation to IHA, 5301 Buckeystown Pike, Suite 320, Frederick, MD, 21704 or online at For questions, please call our Vice President of Fund Development, Hugh Gordon at 301-662-4225 x1211.

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