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July 11, 2013

Repairs are underway at Judith’s new home





You can watch the progress being made on Judith’s new home on IHA’s blog at:

The old wood siding has been removed so that the new maintenance-free vinyl siding can be installed. In addition, the old tile in the upstairs bathroom has been removed, most of the electrical work has been completed, the drywall has been repaired, and the walls have been spackled, sanded and taped in preparation for the painting party Judith is having this weekend!

Ron Morris, IHA’s V.P. of Construction/Development, is teaching Judith how to do all kinds of repairs and maintenance, and all of this knowledge will help to keep Judith’s home affordable for many years to come!

Upstairs Bathroom – Before

At first glance, it may not look like the ceramic tile in Judith’s upstairs bath needs to be replaced, but in fact, many of them were loose. Upon closer inspection, Ron discovered that the water barrier behind the exterior walls was on the wrong side. So, Judith happily said goodbye to the 70′s olive green tiles!

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