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July 11, 2010

Region’s Largest Nonprofit Housing Developer Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Region’s Largest Nonprofit Housing Developer Celebrates 20th Anniversary

(Frederick, MD) – A recognized leader in developing affordable housing, Interfaith Housing Alliance, Inc. (IHA) is an organization with a clear mission, vision and a strong passion to provide safe and affordable housing opportunities that improve and sustain the quality of life for working families, seniors, and individuals with special needs. During the past two decades, IHA has played an integral and positive role in providing such opportunities to thousands of low and moderate income households and individuals throughout central and western Maryland and south central Pennsylvania.

With a full year of events scheduled to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, IHA will be reaching out to build stronger relationships with individuals who have a strong desire to make a difference in their community. “The future need for affordable housing and supportive services is stronger than ever. Almost every family in the region has been affected by the housing crisis,” says Patricia Motter, President. “IHA’s tenants and homebuyers are generally part of a community’s essential workforce and an integral part of IHA’s vision is that everyone deserves an opportunity to work and live in the same community.”

“Transitioning to homeownership can be a real problem in our region,” states Bryan Lyburn, Director of Business Operations. “IHA, in partnership with the USDA Self-Help Housing program, works with families to build their own homes. Eligible participants learn about the financial responsibility of homeownership and each contributes up to 30 hours per week of “sweat equity” to eliminate the need for a down payment on their mortgage. The program has been especially popular with young couples facing years of living in their parent’s basement, unable to save enough to purchase a home or even afford to rent an apartment at market rates.”

IHA builds new homes, rehabilitates existing homes, and manages rental properties for families and individuals unable to afford market-rate housing. Ranging from new construction to rehabilitation of existing properties, IHA develops multi-family rental facilities that provide a future opportunity for transitioning into homeownership. In response to a growing elderly population, the organization also develops senior living facilities throughout the region.

IHA plans to add programs that go beyond the “sticks and bricks” of construction by implementing a comprehensive service delivery model. This model focuses on creating permanent and stable communities by providing supportive services and connections with community partners in the interest of families, seniors and individuals with special needs. Rebecca Broussard, IHA Asset Manager, adds, “Our most recent community, the Washington Square senior apartments located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, will showcase the new support service model. The 32-unit facility is scheduled to open on September 15th and we are holding an Open House for the community on Saturday, September 25th. You are all invited to come out and tour the beautiful apartments and community areas.”

Founded by a group of multi-denominational religious leaders deeply concerned about the absence of any significant private response to the growing plight of the region’s homeless and shelter-poor families, and with significant organizational support from the Enterprise Foundation, Interfaith Housing Alliance was incorporated in 1990 and designated a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 1991. For more information, please visit


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