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September 21, 2016

Meet IHA’s Very Own Superhero!

You know that feeling you get deep down inside your soul when you do something very meaningful for someone else? It’s beautiful, right? It’s something that you just want to keep repeating. Working in a nonprofit, this wonderful feeling occurs often. Carol Riggles, IHA’s Homeownership Coordinator, has more experience in this area than most!

Her job at IHA is both rewarding and challenging. As the gatekeeper for participants in our Purchase Repair Homeownership Program and in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Carol has the responsibility of assisting those who have only dreamed of the possibility of homeownership.

Helping people repair credit by teaching them how to pay off debt, Carol literally walks our participants through this process with a series of classes and assignments. All the while, our participants are responsible for the steps necessary to reach the goal of being approved to shop for their dream home. Often times, this journey involves tough love, lots of sweat, and even a few tears.

Carol handles herself with the utmost respect towards our participants. Because of this very close working relationship that is built, lasting bonds of friendship are formed.

IHA, along with Carol and the USDA-RD, has helped to place over 30 families into the home of their dreams. With our participants paying significantly lower mortgage payments than they were paying in rent, tears that were once stress-filled are turned into tears of joy, happiness, pride and relief!

We are so proud of the work we do at IHA and are especially proud to share the work that Carol does each and every day to make the lives of others better.

For more information about our Purchase Repair Homeownership, please contact Carol at Carol will be very excited to help someone else achieve their dream of homeownership!

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