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October 21, 2011

Interfaith Housing Alliance wants to help families own homes in Greencastle area

Interfaith Housing Alliance wants to help families own homes in Greencastle area

The nonprofit’s goal is to improve quality of life

Homes similar to this one could soon be built in Nottingham Meadows in Antrim Township by Interfaith Housing Alliance. The homes are for families interested in owning a home they can afford.

By Rachel Bryson
The Record Herald
Posted Oct 21, 2011 @ 01:08 PM

Greencastle, Pa. — Making home ownership a little more affordable is one goal of Interfaith Housing Alliance, and the group wants to build 18 homes in Antrim Township’s Nottingham Meadows.

The alliance helps families looking to own a home find or build one that is within their budget and the time they can dedicate to its upkeep.

The alliance has partnered with Franklin County to submit a Home Investment Partnership Program Community Housing and Development Organization application for $100,000 to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Franklin County Commissioners will hear comments on the proposed application at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, in their office. Once all comments have been heard, commissioners will consider adopting the proposal.

Affordable living

Living within your means is something that everyone should strive for, and IHA works with potential homeowners to make owning a home within their means a reality. The nonprofit alliance works to create and preserve quality affordable housing to meet needs and improve the quality of life for seniors, working families and others, according to its website.

The local area has a strong work force, but housing prices far exceed what many can afford, IHA President Patricia Motter said.

“We come in and help out by building homes they (residents) can afford,” Motter said.

The alliance has built several communities in south-central Pennsylvania, and this is its second project in Antrim Township. The first project, which is still under way, is 14 duplexes in Rolling Hills, located at Lindale Avenue and Route 16. Dan Ryan Builders and Sandy Spring Bank have partnered with IHA for the Rolling Hills development.

Those interested in an IHA home are evaluated on their income level, number of members in the family and if they have good credit, which allows IHA to determine the type and size of home they can afford.

“We really are trying to get them into homes they can afford,” Motter said.

In addition to providing affordable housing and some financing options, IHA also stays with the new homeowners and helps them understand all that goes into owning a home.

“We can sort out which program meets their needs,” Motter said.

Nottingham Meadows

The homes planned for Nottingham Meadows are all single-family homes and will range in style based on need and income level.

“We do wait until we have a family lined up to build the homes,” Motter added.

The community will not see all 18 homes pop up overnight, though.
“We would like to have six go up at a time,” Motter said.

The alliance has six home sites ready to go and needs families who are interested in their program.

The alliance has partnered with many organizations over the years, including builders and other businesses, and is hoping to work with Franklin County to receive $100,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development toward the project.

“We’re very appreciative to Franklin County for their support,” Motter said.
About IHA

IHA has been providing affordable housing and rental options for 21 years in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

The group has created more than 1,100 housing units and invested more than $150 million in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Anyone interested in the new homes or looking for more information on IHA should call Sheri Huber at (301) 662-4225.

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