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Purchase-Repair Homeownership

Think you can’t afford to buy a home?


Juliet tells her story

IHA’s Purchase-Repair Homeownership program participants are paying less for homeownership than they were for rent, and they are building equity immediately!

IHA’s Purchase-Repair Homeownership Program provides affordable homeownership opportunities to families and individuals that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a traditional mortgage. Program participants receive free technical assistance from IHA through the entire homeownership process, from credit repair and budget counseling, preparation of the loan application, locating and placing an appropriate home under contract, how to repair and maintain their home, as well as on-going post-purchase counseling to eliminate any chance of foreclosure in the future. The entire community benefits by revitalizing neglected communities, reusing infrastructure and preserving existing housing. This program is currently available in Carroll, Frederick, and Washington counties in Maryland.

Features of the program include:

  • No down payment!
  • Fixed rate below market interest rate
  • Monthly payment is based on income
  • Necessary repairs are financed as part of the mortgage loan through USDA
  • Maximum Income Eligibility Guidelines
    Family Size Carroll Frederick Washington
    1 $46,050 $49,200 $42,650
    2 $52,650 $56,200 $48,750
    3 $59,200 $63,250 $54,850
    4 $65,800 $70,250 $60,950
    5 $71,050 $75,850 $65,850
    6 $76,350 $81,500 $70,700
    7 $81,600 $87,100 $75,600
    8 $86,850 $92,750 $80,450

    Click here to download a pre-qualification worksheet.

    Please return your completed worksheet and the signed authorization forms to:

    Carol Riggles, Homeownership Coordinator
    Interfaith Housing Alliance
    5301 Buckeystown Pike, Suite 320
    Frederick, MD 21704
    FAX – (301) 662-6477

    Call or email Carol if you need more information about this program. Her phone number is (301) 662-4225 ext. 1209.