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IHA Staff

Jodie Ostoich

301-662-4225 x1206

Patricia (Tricia) Motter

President Emeritus
301-662-4225 x1218

Hugh Gordon

Vice President of Programs and Fund Development
301-662-4225 x1216

Nicole Prorock

Vice President of Finance and Operations
301-662-4225 x1217

Ron Morris

Vice President of Construction and Development
301-662-4225 x1202

Carol Carpenter Riggles

Homeownership Program Manager
301-662-4225 x1209

Vivian Duran

Administrative Manager
301-662-4225 x1201

Lacy Ames

Special Projects Coordinator
301-662-4225 x1203

Rob Condry

Asset Manager, Penn Avenue Property Manager and Natelli Manor Property Manager

Patti Penn

Washington Ridge Property Manager

Terri Rowe

Weinberg Property Management

Tina Robinson

Union Village Apartments and Oakwood Family Homes Property Manager

Donna Gibboney

Washington Square Senior Apartments and Townhomes Property Manager

Michael Rinehart

Frederick Maintenance Technician

Bradley Wagaman

Chambersburg Maintenance Technician

Kim Emerick

Cumberland Maintenance Technician